France NVC Intensive 2019

June 21 – 30, 2019, South Of France

About France NVC Intensive 2019

Come to this 9-day residential training designed as an immersion experience in Non-Violent Communication (NVC). It is for people at all levels in NVC. This event is not an International Intensive Training (IIT) per say. Yet, it will follow the same format, with a team of experienced NVC trainers, each coming with their own specific focus on how they share NVC and offering multiple simultaneous sessions.

This NVC training will focus on the theme of Power, Privilege, Access and Inclusion.


To bring together the values of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and social justice to support individuals in facing realities of the world we live in.


To support the movement towards this vision by offering an intensive NVC training that focuses on the following questions:

How does the lens of Power, Privilege, Access and Inclusion combine with the deep practices of NVC to create relationships with self, other, and the world?

What does social justice look like when putting needs at the center?


This will be the second experience of integrating NVC values and social justice under the theme of Power, Privilege, Access and Inclusion. We anticipate learning and co-creating together.

Prior exposure to NVC or to social justice work are not, in any way, an expectation or condition for attending.


Trainers are all experienced in NVC and its transmission.

Organized by a team of French NVC certification candidates, this event is supported and will be recognized, by the francophone association A-CERTIF, as valid for the intensive training that is recommended for NVC certification. We expect participants to range from complete newcomers to NVC to certified trainers.

Sarri Bater

Sri-Lanka / UK

Anne Bourrit


Roxy Manning


Jeyanthy Siva


Bob Wentworth



Amal & Annie also have experience in NVC and its transmission.

Amal Mekouar


Annie Scarborough


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