In order to provide clarity on the cost of this intensive NVC training, here is a general outline of what this corresponds to:



The compensation, travel and accommodation expenses of the trainers.

Currently four people, knowing that we are looking for a fifth person.


The compensation, travel and accommodation expenses of the translators.

I.e. five to six people depending on the number of trainers to cover translation needs (English / French).


Travel and accommodation expenses for the assistants.

These people will be there to support and contribute to the well-being of everyone during the internships. This will be between two and four people depending on the number of participants.


The compensation, accommodation costs of the organizing team.

Five people for a work spread over approximately 16 months covering in particular: the search for trainers, the search for the venue, the preparation of the budget, the distribution and coordination of tasks, the administrative and financial follow-up, the search for funds to secure the holding of the event, the search for a structure to manage the financial aspects, discussions with local and international NVC associations, the promotion of the event online, the creation and hosting of the website, the drafting of contracts, the answers to questions from interested parties…


The reservation and rental of the entire venue.

This includes the main room for general meetings and one room per trainer for work in sub-groups.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Supplies, folders, badges...

Why is it not possible to pay in several times?

We are aware that requesting a transfer of the total amount of the participation can be an additional obstacle to participation in the event. At the same time, the ticketing management platform we use does not allow for multiple payments. Manual processing and tracking of each partial payment of the various people would require too much work in relation to our time and energy available. In addition, it would generate multiple accounting transactions that would be invoiced to us each time.


It is the intention of the organizers to donate a portion of the income from the intensive to NVC associations to support its diffusion. The choice of associations and the amount donated will depend on the number of participants and if profits are generated.

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