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France NVC Intensive 2019 trainers are certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication – CNVC.

Languages: English and French, with translation

Anne Bourrit

NVC Certified Trainer, Switzerland

Anne is a certified trainer since 1991. She is one of the founders of the francophone NVC network and an active member of A-CERTIF, the francophone association for NVC certification. She is also an active member of AH-CNV, an association that forms to a specific approach to support individuals with NVC.

She worked for different institutions, like the Red Cross International Comity as visitor for political prisoners.

She met Marshall Rosenberg in 1989 and worked alongside with him as an interpreter, translating in French some of his books and assisting him often in many workshops around the world.

She shares her understanding of NVC in different countries and regions of the world (French-speaking Europe, Quebec, West Africa and Great Lakes region, Maghreb countries, etc.), as well as sometimes in other linguistic regions, such as Italy, Spain, the United States.

“Looking back over the past 25 years, I feel privileged to practice and share this art of living, which teaches me to listen to myself and to others, as well as to discover the beauty hidden behind the attitudes that offend or cause misunderstandings – even if I still sometimes let myself be trapped in them!

I continue to look for ways to acquire know-how and interpersonal skills that will enable us to live better together in a society where crises and stress are commonplace. Finally, I remain amazed by the mystery of the inner world of each human being, infinitely vast and rich, and by the mystery of what subtly connects us to one another”.

Roxy Manning

NVC Certified Trainer, USA

Roxy Manning, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and CNVC Certified Trainer. She has served as the Executive Director of BayNVC, lead trainer for BayNVC’s NVC Leadership Program and is co-founder and trainer for the NVC and Diversity Retreat. Roxy has been using NVC in her psychotherapy practice since 2003 and has been formally teaching NVC since 2005. Roxy currently works part time as a psychologist with the City and County of San Francisco’s Disability Evaluation and Consultation Unit.

In addition to supporting clinicians and others seeking to improve their ability to serve individuals from diverse backgrounds, Roxy has worked directly with programs and people working towards individual and social change nationally and internationally.

Within the United States, Roxy’s work includes:

  • Coaching mental health staff at a large government agency through severe conflict that had previously resulted in legal action,
  • Training direct service staff at Nashville’s Public Health Department in ways to increase engagement with the families they serve,
  • Leading workshops on race and facilitating cross-racial dialogues at the Gandhi Institute that resulted in an ongoing initiative to address racial tension within the Institute’s home city of Rochester, NY.

Internationally, Roxy’s social change efforts include:

  • Supporting former rebel soldiers working for grass-roots peace organizations in Sri Lanka in finding new ways to nurture peace in their communities,
  • Coaching artists seeking to contribute to greater acceptance of homosexuality in Japan,
  • Holding dialogues with those interested in examining growing racial tension within The Netherlands,
  • Supporting the acquisition and deepening of Nonviolent Communication with both direct service providers (including principals, teachers and therapists) and members of the public in Poland.

Roxy has combined her life experience as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant with her extensive academic and professional training into a passion for supporting both larger social change and individual healing and growth.

Jeyanthy Siva

NVC Certified Trainer, Sri-Lanka

Jeyanthy Siva is an international trainer in Communication, conflict resolution and healing/reconciliation. Jeyanthy’s vision and greatest hope is to contribute to healing, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence of all the different communities of Sri Lanka and by extension the world.

She does that by sharing the skills: to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence; to stay connected with each other even when there is a disagreement; and to gain access to resources needed to sustain life powerfully and peacefully.

She has been facilitating trainings and team retreats since 2000 and travels extensively between Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. She has trained teachers, university students, lecturers, NGO staff (local and international), media personal as well as medical professionals (doctors, psychiatrists & counselors). She has also trained teams in private sector companies as well as business leaders, coaches and other individuals looking to improve management, communication and conflict resolution skills.

In the late 90’s, along with other trainers from Berkeley, CA (USA), she co-founded the Diversity Project to bring Nonviolent Communication to minority groups in the USA who have traditionally been blocked in their ability to access equal opportunity.

Jeyanthy studied Nonviolent Communication with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg, with the founders of BayNVC and with trainers from around the world who are affiliated with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has been studying with and mentored by Joanna Macy since 2002.

She has conducted workshops & presentations (including key note address’) in Asia (Sri Lanka, Singapore & India), Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland) and the US (California, New York).

Bob Wentworth

NVC Certified Trainer, USA

Bob played a lead role in initiating and supporting the CNVC New Future Process, a multi-year community-based process in which the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) movement was invited to re-envision how it would like to organize itself globally. That process resulted in a plan to assimilate CNVC into a new global NVC organization founded on self-management and evolutionary principles, with a commitment to awareness and care regarding issues of access, power, and systemic marginalization.

Bob once asked himself the question, “Is there a single key that could make a difference in addressing all the world’s problems?” It seemed to him that if we could find ways to more reliably partner to work together, instead of battling or working at cross-purposes, then this could make all the difference.

For him, NVC offers some critical pieces of the puzzle, concerning how we can be together in more satisfying ways. NVC powerfully contributes to making new things possible interpersonally (between people), intra-personally (in how we relate to ourselves), and potentially on larger scales (institutionally and politically). At the same time, Bob continues to search for a complete answer to his question. He has spent years looking at issues of trauma and skillfully relating to ourselves and is also deeply interested in the functioning of groups and institutions.

Bob is a CNVC Certified Trainer, and former CNVC Board member. He co-founded Family HEART Camp, a week-long NVC camp for parents and children, currently active in six states in the U.S. He earned a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and worked as a technologist before shifting to focus his attention on improving our collective experience of the human condition.

There will be at least four CNVC-certified trainers in case of 50 or more participants. Depending on the number of participants one or two more certified trainers might join the team. There is the possibility of a name change.

A team of translators with experience in NVC will be available during the event and will ensure, during the various activities, the translation from English into French and from French into English as needed.

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